img_5684Hello, I’m Mel! This is my new blog where you’ll find all things faith, fashion, makeup, and music! My Faith is the most important part of my life and the core of everything I do. Without it, I would be incomplete. I’ve always loved fashion. I love the feeling of accomplishment gained from a successful outfit planed the night before each day. I only recently delved into the world of YouTube and glamorous makeup, (Thank you Sephora and Ulta for taking me down a deep dark path from which there is no return haha), but I love the constant creative inspiration involved with each look! My first love will always be music. Ever since I wrote my first praise and worship song at the age of 13, I knew what my life’s purpose was. I am lucky enough to have my incredible Husband of 4 years, Daniel, to support me in all my endeavors. We are as opposite as fire and ice, but he truly compliments me in every way. I created this blog as a “Bridge” for all my social media outlets, and a way to share my passions with others. It is my desire to inspire women around the world to embrace their fearfully and wonderfully made selves. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope to see more of you in the blog posts to come! Xoxo, Mel