Trinity Hope’s Birth Story

Thursday, February 22nd started off like any other day. I was exactly 41 weeks along, and still no signs of Trinity making her appearance – besides some very light cramping. I had an appointment scheduled that day to do a stress test for Trinity’s heart rate, and an ultrasound to make sure that my amniotic fluid level was still good. Even though I was confident everything would be fine, like my doctor suggested, I still grabbed my hospital bag in case we would need to go strait to the hospital if the results weren’t ideal.

Both tests came back with very positive results! Dan and my mom were able to both be there during the appointment, and we were all enjoying getting to hear baby’s heartbeat and see her through ultrasound. All my worries were put to rest, and I was totally at ease. I even found out I was already 2 cm dilated, so things were slowly but surely moving along! Yay! At the end of the appointment, they decided to check my blood pressure one more time – having already done so at the beginning with it being good. This time however, my blood pressure came back high. I was confused since I was super relaxed, and throughout my whole pregnancy I always had normal readings. They decided to wait a little and check again. They checked. It still read as high. At this point I started to get a little worried since I definitely was NOT mentally prepared at the possibility of giving birth that day. After some discussion, the doctor decided to send us all over to the hospital to run a few more tests.

I asked Dan to run me back home real quick so I could grab a few things, eat one more big meal, (Leftovers from Indian food the night before that were super good), and take a fast shower (Thank goodness I had already shaved my legs and washed my hair the night before haha!)

We arrived at the hospital around 3pm and they started running all kinds of tests on me. They monitored my blood pressure every 15 minutes, and it was showing as totally normal – which I was glad for – but I was also super annoyed since it was looking like we had gone in for nothing.

After a few hours, I started noticing I was feeling a LOT more crampy and my lower back was started to ache. After meeting with the delivery doctor, reviewing my test results, and discussing my options, we decided to go ahead and be induced.


Like I said earlier, I was NOT ready to give birth that day, but I was thrilled at the thought of finally meeting little Miss Trin sooner rather than later!

The next couple of hours weren’t bad at all as they started pitocin in my IV, and I started feeling very light contractions. We turned on the olympics, settled in, and began the waiting game.

At about 10pm I started getting bigger/closer together contractions and I had dialated to 4cm.

From then until about 1am the contractions were very strong and close together. Dan and mom helped a ton by pressing my pressure points and coaching my breathing. I tried to walk around and stand as much as I could between contractions. During contractions, I found leaning over the bathroom sink standing on my tip – toes, and sitting on the birthing ball were most comfortable. I tried to distract myself by watching tv and scrolling social media on my phone, but I found myself staring at the wall most of the time and slowly counting to ten to get me through each contraction.


Shortly after 1am, my water broke, and I was 6cm dilated. They stopped my pitocin and the contractions started to get SUPER painful.

At 2am the doctor checked me and said my water hadn’t broken all the way, and manually finished breaking it in order to speed things along. Since my contractions had also slowed down, they started me back on pitocin.

At 3am I started to feel fatigued physically and mentally. I asked my nurse, Katie, if I could get something in my IV to help manage the pain. I was DETERMINED not to get the epidural since I wanted to feel the urge to push when the time to, but I was getting pretty desperate for some relief! I have no recollection of the name of the drug Katie administered, but she said it would help me rest/relax between contractions (Though I would still feel them – and boy did I!)

Between 3am and 4am, (Or there abouts – the drug made me super foggy so I don’t remeber many details after that. Basically the drug didn’t do much except put me in a haze lol!) I slept a little on my side, but woke with each BIG contraction. Not sure what time it was, but I remember getting the strong urge to start pushing while laying on my side half asleep. I remember I couldn’t open my eyes – thank you useless drug – and having a DEATH grip on the bed’s guard handles while feeling the most INTENSE PAIN!!! It was so hard for my brain to tell my body to keep breathing. I kept telling myself that I was close and that this would be over soon.

Around 4 or 4:30am (Again, my brain was foggy) the doctor came in and they told me “Alright, let’s have a baby!!!” I remember Katie helping me get into position and giving me a pep talk. She kept saying “You got this mama!” (I lucked out – she was sersiouly the BEST L&D nurse! She helped me SO much!)

For the next 2 hours, I pushed with all my might. I was SO exhausted PLUS still super groggy from the drug. Those two hours still kind of seem like a dream since I was so out of it haha!

At this point, I was so weak my arms and legs couldn’t stop shaking. Thank goodness for Katie and Dan helping me hold my legs because I could barely lift them.

I’m pretty sure I had my eyes closed during 90% of the time I was pushing. I remember hearing Katie’s voice – constantly coaching me on pushing the right way, encouraging me I was doing great, and telling me how long and dark the hair on my baby’s head was haha!

After 2 hours of pushing, I started to lose it mentally. I felt like time was standing still and I could tell a few of the nurses were getting frustrated things weren’t progressing since my pushes were getting weaker. Dr. Avery asked if I wanted a mirror to help see my progress and help me push stronger. I remember immediately saying “NO!” because I wanted to keep my eyes closed.

At the end of each contraction/push, I couldn’t help but cry and wail through the pain. I had tried so hard to stay strong, but at this point I felt like I was going to die!!! Since my pushes weren’t doing much, Dr. Avery decided to give me an episiotomy. After 2 BIG pushes, Trinity was OUT!!!!! (And she LITERALLY shot out! Haha!!!)

I remember feeling SO RELIEVED it was finally over and being flooded with so many emotions. I was still feeling foggy so I didn’t even notice at first that they had already placed Trinity on me. I remember hearing her cry and touching her little head and body for the first time and not being able to process what had just happened. It wasn’t until they cleaned her off and brought her back to me that it finally sunk in. She was finally here. I was a mom. I was her mom. She was mine.


That was the moment my life changed forever. I suddenly felt a love I’d never felt before. Dan came back over and we just stared at her for like an hour – just cherishing the moment. I finally understood what everyone had been telling me. “All the pain, all the agony, it will all be worth it; once you get to hold your little one in your arms.”

And you know what? They were RIGHT!

Our little Trin. Born on Friday, February 23rd at 6:35am. 6.14 pounds and 20 inches  of perfection!



Things didn’t go exactly as planned, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Who knows why my blood pressure spiked that last time they checked? I guess God had other plans for how and when we’d meet our baby girl. Looking back, I know that this wasn’t the perfect birth story I had imagined, but it was the wonderful birth story we were meant to have.

Trinity Hope has filled our hearts with SO much love and joy during the short time she’s been with us already. Even now, it’s hard to remember life before she came into our lives. We ADORE her, and we couldn’t feel more grateful God chose us to be her parents. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little girl!

Here’s a few more pics from the rest of our stay at the hospital.

Trin’s first sponge bath.


Snuggles with daddy.


Striking a pose.


First family pic in recovery.


Skin to skin with daddy.


Our little angel.


Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today, I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful week! Xoxo, Mel



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  1. Emese (Em) says:

    What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations! All those hard hours and agonizing pains, like you said, TOTALLY worth it! We have 4 little ones, each with their own unique way of entering this world, but each one is such a precious gift of God making each experience a treasured moment to look back on a give us a sense of accomplishment! Way to go Mama! May the Lord continue to richly bless you and the precious family He has bestowed upon you!

    Reading from New Jersey!


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