Trying Out MONAT Hair Products | Honest Review

Recently, my gorgeous friend Susan fell in love with Monat Haircare after she noticed an incredible change in how healthy her became! She was so in love that she joined the Monat team, and started sharing some amazing hair inspo on her Instagram! Susan reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to do an honest review of some Monat samples as well as share before and after pictures of using Monat. I of course was more than happy to test it out as I have heard SO MANY good things about this buzzed about hair care line!


Monat is a non toxic, naturally based, and chemical free hair care line that is clinically proven to decrease hair loss, strengthen and regrow hair. Monat also has various lines of products that target specific needs depending on your unique hair type! (The image below contains some more info!)



I received a sample of Monat’s Intense Repair Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, and Rejuveniqe Hair Oil Treatment.


I first tried the Rejuveniqe Hair Oil as a deep conditioning treatment by applying to my entire hair – focusing on my split ends and scalp – and leaving on for 15 minutes before I went to wash my hair. (The Rejuveniqe Oil can alternately be used as a leave in conditioner after washing your hair, or it can also be used to treat dry patches of skin after showering.) The first thing I noticed was how DELICIOUS, yes I said delicious haha, my hair smelled! My hair literally smelled like a bag of starburst or skittles candy and I was LOVING it haha! I also loved that it wasn’t as greasy feeling as other Hair Oils I have used in the past that leave behind a super sticky residue on your hands.


After 15 minutes of leaving the hair oil in, I went to wash my hair with the Intense Repair Shampoo. The directions said to use half of the product and lather into the hair leaving it on for 3 minutes before rinsing. Then follow that by using the other half of the shampoo and repeating the same steps. (This two step process is supposed to remove and breakdown any residue or buildup from your previous shampoo.) I noticed during the first wash that the shampoo wasn’t getting “Sudsy,” but then the second wash did. (Apparently my hair and scalp had a lot of buildup haha!)


Lastly, I applied the Revitalize Conditioner all over my hair and left it in for a minute before rinsing. Again, the first thing I noticed about this product was how AMAZING it smelled!!! Hard to describe, but it definitely smelled like a fresh botanical paradise lol! So invigorating! As soon as I rinsed the conditioner out, I noticed how soft my hair instantly felt! I also noticed how much “Cleaner” my scalp was!




This first picture is my hair after letting it air dry using my old hair care products. As you can see, my hair is naturally wavy, has a little bit of frizz, and some damage due to coloring and heat styling.



This second picture is my hair the very next night after using the Monat samples. I again, let my hair air dry, and as you can clearly see, there was a BIG difference in my hair than the night before! My hair felt SO much straighter and sleeker, softer, cleaner, smoother with less frizz, “Bouncier” and not as weighed down, and I definitely think it even had a tad more shine than usual!!!

(After, Styled)


This third picture was taken the next morning after using the Monat samples, when I curled my hair for church! As you can see, my hair kept its “Bounce” and shine after a night of sleeping on it! I also feel like my split ends weren’t as noticeable, and my hair was definitely overall more manageable!


In case it wasn’t already obvious, I really (And HONESTLY), loved testing out Monat! I was truly a little skeptical if I would even notice any change in my hair since my hair is usually pretty healthy, but after just ONE USE, I am a believer haha!!! I believe that the products I used did in fact accomplish all that they were advertised to accomplish! I would most definitely use Monat again, and would highly recommend to everyone!


See for yourself what all the hype over Monat is!!! You can contact Susan either by visiting her Instagram page, or, stop by her website,


I know Susan would LOVE to answer any questions you may have about Monat and help decide which Monat products are right for you!!!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed reading this Monat hair care review and that you found it helpful! Let me know by commenting below what other popular products you’d like to see me review next!

Until next time! Xoxo, Mel



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