Twelve Wardrobe Essentials for Fall | 2017

It’s FINALLY that blessed time of year again! Fall, how I have missed you and your delicious Pumpkin Spiced Lattes!!! With the start of cooler weather, (Well, 75 degrees is pretty darn cool for North Carolina haha,) I’ve found myself daydreaming of styling some of favorite fall items! Today, I’ve rounded up what I consider my “Must – have” wardrobe essentials for fall 2017. Most of these styles have already been trending the past few years, but with how incredibly versatile they are, it’s no wonder they’ve become such closet staples for me! Keep scrolling to see my top twelve picks and links to where you can shop these gorgeous pieces!


  1. Cozy Blanket Scarves IMG_2101.JPG

These ginormous accessories aren’t going away anytime soon, so stock up on several different colors and prints that will instantly add a bold statement to any look! Live in a slightly warmer climate? No worries! Cut your blanket scarf in half (diagonally) to give yourself a little room to breathe.


Click here to shop blanket scarves!


2. Chambray Dress or Top IMG_2107.JPG

I don’t think there is a more versatile style for fall than chambray! This lightweight denim goes with EVERYTHING – no, seriously!!! Pick either a dress or top in the medium wash range, and you’ll find yourself styling it on major repeat!

Click here to shop my fave chambray dress!


3. Tasseled or Fringed Accessories IMG_2112.JPG

If you’re like me and have a hard time saying goodbye to the bright colorful tassels and pom poms of summer, then fall fringe and neutral tassels are here to save the day! These accessories flow with every movement and add that extra element of fun to any outfit!

Click here to shop my wish list tasseled handbag!


4. Everything Leopard IMG_2117.JPG

I think this pick kinda speaks for itself – I mean, what’s not to love about leopard?! And since it’s basically been labeled as a neutral, you can never have “Too much” of this fabulous print!!!

Click here to shop my must have leopard cardigan!


5. Vulnerability for Utility…. Vests or Jackets IMG_2123.JPG

If you don’t already own something utility, what are you waiting for?! These babies have been everywhere on Pinterest for the last like, 5 years! A classic olive goes with just about anything, but if that bores you go for a fun pop of color such as a blush vest or burgundy jacket!

Click here to shop my must have utility vest!


6. Mad for Button Up Plaid IMG_2128.JPG

Truly a timeless wardrobe staple, button up plaid is perfect for wearing on it’s own, or styled as a layered look! With so many fabrics and designs to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect style for your taste! When in doubt, my go to is the popular red and black buffalo plaid!

Click here to shop my go to buffalo plaid top!


7. Not Your Basic Cardigan…. The Long Line Cardi IMG_2133.JPG

Not gonna lie, I’m low-key most excited this fall for the rising popularity of the long line cardigan!!! (Maybe it’s because I love the way they seem to minimize my rear haha!) Regardless, these super cozy cape like cardi’s are one of this season’s hottest trends, so run and grab one in a neutral solid color for endless styling possibilities!

Click here to shop my wish list long line cardi!


8. Soft as Velvet IMG_2138.JPG

Definitely one of the more bold (And 90’s throwback) trends this season, velvet seems to be making it’s mark on the market! Velvet tee’s or skirts not really “Your style?” Try a more subtle statement with a simple velvet choker or clutch!

Click here to shop my wish list velvet top available in multiple colors!


9. All the Neutral Ankle Boots IMG_2143.JPG

If I could only have one type of footwear to style this season, hands down it would be neutral suede booties! So versatile and so chic! You can wear these boots with literally any fall outfit from skirts to leggings to dresses to denim!

Click here to shop my fave booties!


10. Swooning for Swing Dresses IMG_2148.JPG

Swing dresses are my fail safe for days when I have no clue what to wear! They are hassle free to style – just throw them on and add an accessory or two, and it instantly looks like you tried! Plus, they are in my humble opinion the MOST COMFORTABLE piece of clothing in my wardrobe, like I could seriously live in them!!! Not convinced? Just trust me and try them, You’ll see…..oh you’ll see haha!!

Click here to shop this gorgeous swing dress WITH pockets!!!


11. Belle of the Ball in Bell Sleeves IMG_2153.JPG

Another newer trend that I’m drooling over this fall are bell sleeves!!! Nothing says medieval -chic like these over sized cuffs!!! Timid to try this style? Try a simpler top with a single flutter at the elbows, (As opposed to all the way down the wrists) for a more comfortable and functional feel.

Click here to shop this dreamy bohemian bell sleeved blouse!


12. Laced Up and Criss Crossed IMG_2158.JPG

I can’t get over the edgy yet feminine look of lace up and criss cross pieces! From delicate ballerina inspired lace up flats, to bulkier and structured lace up duck boots, this trend is definitely something you need in your fall wardrobe! The classic sweater and sweater dress get a fresh update with a fun lace up or criss cross detail!

Click here to shop my wish list lace up sweater!


There you have it! My favorite dozen staples for fall! I hope that this blog post has been a help to those of you looking to implement a fun new trend in your wardrobe this season! What styles are you most excited for? Let me know in the comment section below! I’d love to hear your top picks!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful rest of the day or night! I hope to see you in my next post! Xoxo, Mel

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