7 Ways to Tie a Blanket Scarf | One of Winter’s Most Popular Accessories

If you’ve browsed Pinterest long enough, you’ve probably seen multiple pins of one of this season’s trendiest accessory: the blanket scarf. This huge and comfy scarf has quickly become a wardrobe staple of many fashion bloggers in the past few years, and once you’ve worn it for yourself, it’s easy to see why! Due to it’s massive amount of fabric, it can be quite intimidating to style, and once you’ve mastered the basic tying technique, you may find yourself stuck in a rut wishing for more ideas to wear it!

After much request on my Facebook Page and my Instagram, I finally got around to filming a YouTube Tutorial for the top 7 ways that I wear my blanket scarf. Keep scrolling to see all 7 ways, concluded with the step by step video tutorial!

  1. The traditional “Wrap Around.” IMG_8565.JPGThis look is so basic and easy! Perfect for tying a look together last minute!

2. The “Hidden Ends” look.


This way is great for a busy day! The hidden ends make sure the scarf stays in place all day and gives off a more “Polished” and chic vibe.

3. The “Longer Ends” look.


This tie is especially great paired with dresses, or really any outfit that you want to see more of, and not swallowed up by wearing the blanket scarf in it’s “Traditional” way.

4. The “Belted Front Lay.”


This look in particular is great if you’re one who prefers as little bulk as possible in your blanket scarf. Plus the belt cinches in the waist to give you the most flattering overall look!

5. The “Faux Cape” Look.


One of my personal favorite ways to wear my blanket scarf! It’s honestly a great excuse to be basically swaddled in a blanket, but in the most stylish way possible haha!

6. The “Faux Infinity” Style.


Turn any blanket scarf into infinity style in a matter of seconds! Keep the ends tied after wearing, for a quick and easy throw on for next time’s use!

7. The “Hidden Ends” look with a Rectangular Blanket Scarf.


Most blanket scarves come in a big square cut, but if you happen to get your hands on one that is a rectangular cut, you can still wear it in the “Hidden ends” style with just a few folds!

Watch my tutorial below to see step by step instructions for how I achieved all 7 looks! Please share on your social media with friends by clicking the sharing buttons below if you found this helpful!

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful week! Xoxo, Mel



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Beth says:

    Ooh, I love the faux cape look! I’ve never thought of that – thank you for sharing your wisdom!! 😍


    1. Yay! Glad you liked it! It’s such a comfy way to wear it too! Thanks for reading! 😘


  2. Love your post, I never thought of wearing my scarves in so many ways! ❤


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