The Birth of “Mix and Match Mel”

“Oh great. Another twenty something wanna be blogger who thinks she knows all about fashion and beauty, making her start in an already highly saturated network. Just what we need more of.”

If this thought, or any similar thoughts crossed your mind at first glance of this site, I would NOT blame you at all! In fact, this was my exact thought every time I was tempted to dip my toes into the realm of blogging. I mean, does the world really need another blogger? What would be so special about my site that didn’t already exist in some shape or form on cyberspace? Truth be told, there really isn’t anything new or riveting about the reason I finally decided to launch a blog. If standing out or inspiring the masses was the intent of my site, I would definitely fail before I ever began. So, “Why am I reading this now?” you may ask? The answer quite simply is:

FOR ME. I am starting this blog for me.

Sure, one of my main intents for blogging would be to help spread inspiration to other women, but I am starting this journey purely because it brings me joy.

Last year, one of my resolutions was to make more time to do the things I enjoy. I expanded my creative outlets from sharing daily fashion posts on my Instagram, to starting a new YouTube Channel, and writing new praise and worship songs after a year of writer’s block. To most, fashion, makeup, and music may seem unimportant, and even shallow, but to me, they are so much more. They are what I have discovered to be my passions! Like an adrenaline junkie to their high flying stunts, so are all things creative to this design-minded girl! When I look at something, I see it for how it appears. How is it presenting itself? What emotion or mood does it convey? What could it be paired with as to so compliment it’s purpose? For me, planning each outfit, makeup look, or song arrangement becomes an adventure! A surge of excitement and satisfaction is gained every time I’ve completed a creative task! Creating is my passion. I know in my heart that is the purpose God gifted me with, and it is the reason why I choose to share my creations with others via social media.

I want this blog to act as a “Bridge” for all my creative outlets to come together onto one platform. I want a blank slate where I can write from my heart and share the blessings God has given to me – the good and the bad alike. I want to inspire other women to fully embrace their fearfully and wonderfully made selves.

I want them to learn and live the lesson I had to learn the hard way: that with the grace and love of our Heavenly Father, we are enough.

I want to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and try new fashion and beauty trends. I want you, (yes YOU, one of the few people to likely even read this,) to find what you love, and do it with all of your might!

As you can see, there really isn’t anything special about the “Birth” of this blog. Just a girl “Mixing and matching” the life out of her wardrobe. A girl with big dreams doing what she loves, and if she’s really lucky, she’ll inspire someone else along the way to the same.


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